MilkoLab Benefits and Features

MilkoScan TM analysers are proven as an effective way to improve profit and product quality. The analysis options include healthy milk profiling through saturated and unsaturated fatty acid analysis, free fatty acid analysis or casein analysis, all of which will help you to obtain an optimal price for your milk deliveries. The MilkoScan milk analyser for payment and dairy herd testing offers:

  • Up to 200 samples per hour
  • FTIR (Fourier Transform InfraRed) full spectrum analysis provides a wide range of compositional parameters in raw milk
  • Accurate urea analysis

BactoScanTM provides fast and, above all, reliable results. Built on proven FOSS technology, it measures the hygienic quality of milk by counting the individual bacteria cells in raw milk. A result is delivered in less than 9 minutes allowing farmers to get results the same day and take any necessary action in pursuit of hygienic quality. The major benefits and features are as follows:

BactoScan MilkoLam
  • Individual bacteria count (IBC)
  • 50 samples per hour
  • High and low sensitivity mode
  • Results in less than 9 minutes
  • Bacteria control samples
  • Unique reagent concept
  • Measure cold or warm samples without any pre-treatment and with equal performance
  • Flowcytometry measuring principle