Welcome to MilkoLab

.The company was established in 2008. The main goal was to provide an independent service to the dairy industry to deliver fast and accurate results to the milk producer so that they will be able to have same-day-results.

The laboratory is equipped with 3 top of the range infra red instruments, namely:

  1. 2 x CombiFoss FT+ (testing SCC, fat, protein, lactose & MUN)
  2. BactoScan (testing the bacterial count on RAW milk)
    Other test performed by the laboratory are:
  • Total Bacterial Plate Count on pasteurized milk
  • Bacterial Culture and Standard Identification
  • Antibiogram
  • Coliform & Ecoli Plate Count
  • Test for Antibiotics in Milk by means of the Idexx test (Beta Lactam,Sulfamethazine, Tetracycline)

    Tested for milk recordings scheme:
  • Annali Jansen van Vuuren is the head of laboratory and has 15 years experience in this field. She joined the Milkolab-team in December 2010.
  • Elizma van der Merwe is the laboratory technician and joined the Milkolab-team in October 2013.
  • Penny Lunders is responsible for all the administration, orders and finances of Milkolab. She joined the team in August 2010.
  • Bongeka Nyanda is the laboratory assistant and is responsible for the speedy preparation of the milk sampling boxes which are distributed to our clients for herd and/or milk recording purposes.

Our Mission

MilkoLab is the place to send samples for fast, reliable service. Our FOSS MilkoScan and BactoScan machines offer various new analysis options all aimed at improving your product quality and hence the enhancement of your business. We provide and support dedicated, rapid and accurate analytical results, which will assist and control the quality and production of milk.